Maintaining Professional Credibility, Means Keeping Our Industry Regulated

Because Our Businesses Depend on It

As the leading trade association of the mold assessment and remediation industry in Texas, TMARA offers an unparalleled commitment to continued industry licensure to ensure the health and safety of consumers. Since our founding during the 86th Texas Legislation period, we have delivered results that reinforce a movement of expertise and best practices for mold assessors and remediators, but our work is not done yet. If you share TMARA’s commitment to fighting irreversible change that would endanger industry-standard, public health, and the livelihood of hundreds of licensed professionals, then it is time to take action. Find out more about our membership program below and submit your application today.

Membership Benefits

  • Differentiate Yourself with a Higher Level of Knowledge. Gain the Information, Access, and Voice You Deserve and Need

    TMARA represents industry stakeholders from all aspects of the mold assessment and remediation world. We are the source for prompt insightful information, perspective, and developments on the Texas Mold Deregulation Fight. In addition to regular member updates, communications, and monthly meetings, TMARA plans to deliver educational information through virtual events, webinars, and more.


    Your TMARA membership provides access to a network of expertise and dedicated professionals to aid your own business as well as the consumers you serve. We will provide helpful tools, tactics, and support to show you how to utilize marketing and communications strategies provided to drive exposure and raise your voice in the fight.


    Speaking of voice, TMARA members ALL have a say in shaping the mold assessment and remediation industry through our board to brainstorm ideas and cultivate solutions. TMARA helps you stand strong as a professional, ethical business with greater influence in the industry that we are passionate about.

  • Join a Movement of Responsible Assessors and Remediators Expertise

    Your business is dependent on Texas remaining regulated and the time is now to take action. We invite you to join us, a world of professionals, and a number of other businesses and companies that want the voice and focus to carry out our mission to sustain and enhance a climate for all industry professionals to complete inspections and remediation throughout the state of Texas responsibly.

  • Take Action

    Getting started is easy. Select your membership level and submit your application. When your application is received, TMARA will review your information and confirm your status. Once approved, your membership will begin, and you will have instant access to our TMARA staff and our soon to come exclusive member-only content.

  • Get Started

    Have questions, or need help getting started? Please contact TMARA President, Mike Marshall by phone +1.737.241.9222 or email


    Ready to get started now? Fill out a membership application and join our movement today.